Angers Loire Valley welcomes you at the SXSW.

Live large ! Austin’s sister city, Angers Loire Valley in Western France is not just famous for its fine wines but also its high standard of living, dynamic policies on sustainable development and creative cultural economy.

Among the basis of the relationship between Austin and Angers Loire Valley stands economy, and more specifically green economy and creative industry.
Angers took the decision to enhance regional development through creativity and culture, and is now home to a dynamic musical industry composed of artists, studios, producers, concert venues and festivals.

Meet us at our booth (1019-1021-1118-1120) and get a quick glimpse of Angers Loire Valley, and come to the Angers Loire Valley’s Brushsquare Party, on March 14th to hear bands from or supported by Angers : Anoraak, Zenzile and Mars Red Sky !

Angers Loire Valley, La vie en Grand !

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